The Beach and The Blues (For Free)

The Beach and The Blues (For Free)

We don’t sing the Blues here at the Surf & Sand, unless we’re going through a bad breakup and we just need to get it all out for a little minute.

No, the Blues we’re talking about are the Blue Angels, who make Pensacola their home and soar through our skies for an awesome air show every summer. Seriously, people pay big bucks to come here to see the Blues.

But, not you, if you’re lucky 😉

Want to see the Blues from the Surf & Sand? Enter our contest to win a 3-night stay for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Blue Angels weekend in the funnest hotel on the beach. We’ll also throw in two oversized floats, an in-room party pack with a fully stocked cooler of Perfect Plain Brewing Co. beer (brewed right here in Pensacola) and a $50 gift card to Red Fish Blue Fish, the coolest place to eat on the island.

Good luck, you.

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