A Crafty Southern Pub

union public house pensacola fl

Union Public House Pensacola FL

Pensacola has not been left out of the current surge in hip little pubs popping up across the United States. Union Public House takes classic Southern delights and wraps them up in a cozy pub.

Union Public House sports a bright white exterior and glass garage doors to give it an old, industrial vibe that spills into the interior. But don’t be fooled — the menu at Union is anything but old.

Blake Rushing, the Chef at Union Public House, has made it his mission to provide guests with fresh food that has been sustainably and humanely sourced, so you can feel good while you’re eating well.

The innovation starts with the Small Plates that are suggested for ‘nibbling’ and ‘sharing.’ But these appetizers aren’t your usual suspects. Choose anywhere from Cajun Boiled Peanuts with garlic and lemon or Fresh Fried Pork Rinds with Serrano Salt. Forget everything you thought you knew about deep-fried pig skin! These crispy snacks are completely homemade and are served still crackling and popping.

When it comes to choosing an entree at Union, there are seemingly endless combinations of proteins and sides from both land and sea. The A La Carte menu lets you choose a protein, two sides and a sauce. Guests can choose anywhere from duck confit leg to crispy pork shank and pickle brined fried chicken. The sides feature plenty of Southern favorites, such as black-eyed peas, collards cornbread — when in Rome, right?

If you find yourself craving carbs, just look ‘Between the Buns.’ The sandwiches at Union are as delicious as they are unique. The Wild Boar Sloppy Joe comes complete with fried sage, crispy onion, pickled jalapeno and red peppers.

The love and attention to detail that goes into the food at Union is also applied to the craft cocktails at the bar. With eclectic drink names like Pink Panther, Dress to Impress and Blackened Velvet, you can’t leave Union without trying one of these cocktails.

Roll up your sleeves at Pensacola’s public house.

Union Public House is located at 309 S Reus St, Pensacola, FL. For more information, visit the Union Public House website or call (850) 607-6320.