Ye Need to Be Mateys with Peg Leg Pete

peg leg petes pensacola beach fl

Peg Leg Petes Pensacola Beach FL

Peg Legs Pete’s Pensacola Beach is a seafood shanty on the Western end of Pensacola Beach and is renowned for its fresh oysters, fried seafood and fun atmosphere – a triple threat for a beach bar and restaurant. Throw in some pirates, and it’s a recipe for success.

But manager Skooter Montgomery says it’s the actual recipes that set the place apart, passed down through generations to create flavor profiles you won’t taste anywhere else – on our beach or beyond.

“Nobody’s food tastes like ours,” Skooter says. “Peg Leg Pete’s started out as a real estate office in 1991, then a bait shop that began serving sandwiches to fishermen. We’ve only grown from there.”

With outstanding food and live music seven nights a week during the high season, the restaurant does year-round business – primarily vacationers in the summer and locals in the off-season. But there are loyal locals who brave the long lines at the height of summer, and for visitors to our beach, those lines are well worth it.

There’s plenty of seating – from the indoor bar and dining area decorated fittingly with all manner of undersea artifacts, to the upstairs covered deck, which sits atop the aptly named “Under Where” bar. There’s also an open-air dining area on the lower level, overlooking a sandy playground for kids. (This is a great option for families, just be mindful you can’t order from the full menu downstairs.)

For a place that stays so busy, the kitchen cranks out truly excellent food. You need to try the oysters. Raw or baked, they’re always fresh. If you can’t decide on a preparation, the Oyster Sampler is a great bet. If you choose to eat ‘em right off the half shell, we suggest amping up Peg Leg Pete’s signature cocktail sauce with a few more hits of raw horseradish and a hearty squeeze of lemon.

Other favorites include the fried seafood baskets (shrimp and grouper nuggets are little bites of heaven) and the Cajun red beans & rice. Kid’s meals are served in a sand pail you can take with you when you hit the beach.

Whether you arrive by boat or bike, on foot or by the carload, sit and stay a while. Peg Leg Pete’s is a great place to relax, sit back and enjoy the beach life.

Arrrgh you with me?

Peg Leg Pete’s is located at 1010 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL. For more information, visit the Peg Leg Pete’s website or call (850) 932-4139.