Puttin’ Around Palafox

hot spots on palafox

Hot Spots on Palafox

Palafox Street is the place to be in Downtown Pensacola. It’s at the center of the action. Even though strolling aimlessly down Palafox is a perfectly enjoyable pastime, sometimes it helps to know where to go. That’s where we come in.

34 S Palafox St
(850) 912-6762

Khons takes the unique flavors of Southeast Asia and fuses them together under one roof. Meet up here for some of the best sushi in Pensacola, or try unique cultural collisions like the Ramen Pad Thai.

9 Palafox Pl
(850) 384-8603

Nothing beats a popsicle on a hot day to trigger that childhood nostalgia. Frios is taking popsicles and throwing them into the modern arena. Using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, Frios has a wide range of both creamy and fruity pops that will help you beat the heat in the most delicious way.

Bubba’s Sweet Spot
412 S Palafox St
(850) 332-6696

Golf legend Bubba Watson had dreams of opening a candy shop, so he decided to do it right on Palafox. Bubba’s Sweet Spot is a wall-to-wall dream for those with a sweet tooth. The homemade treats are made with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Polonza Bistro
286 N Palafox St
(850) 912-6454

“Polonza” is what the earliest Spanish explorers named the Pensacola Bay. Today, Polonza Bistro is tipping their hat to the ethnically diverse history of Pensacola and letting it show through amazing food. This is a favorite brunch spot for locals in the know. And if you’re in need of a quick jolt, Polonza has handcrafted espresso drinks and delicious pour overs with free refills on the house brew.  (Just tell them you’re with us.)

410 S Palafox St
(850) 466-3125

Yes, the name is exactly what you think it is. Nom nom nom! Nom is a sushi and ramen spot that we just can’t get enough of. Do you really need any extra motivation to go eat sushi and ramen?

Bodacious Brew
407 South Palafox Street C
(850) 434-6300

If you’re a java junkie or just looking for an extra pep in your step, make sure you stop by Bodacious for a cup of brew. On the total opposite end of the spectrum, they also make some gigantic milkshakes that are just ridiculous … in the best way possible.

321 S Palafox St
(850) 912-4001

We’re not sure if it’s the luck of the Irish or what, but O’Riley’s has domestic bottles of beer and well drinks for $1 on Thursday nights. Any other day, they also have an awesome menu and great drinks. But seriously … Thirsty Thursday is where it’s at.

22 N Palafox St
(850) 476-7776

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just life in general, put on your finest, and get ready to spoil your taste buds. Iron offers a modern version of traditional Southern cuisine. Not hungry? Iron is a local favorite for craft cocktails that are just begging to go on the insta feed. The dinner menu is a bit on the fancy side, so be prepared to spend a little. (We wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t so worth it!)

Palafox Market
N Palafox St

Every Saturday, all of our wonderful local farmers and vendors set up shop on Palafox for Palafox Market. Grab a cup of coffee, and stroll through market admiring local food, produce, honey, plants and art. This is the perfect chance to see the best of what Pensacola has to offer! The market stays open from 9 am to 2 pm, “rain or shine.”  

16 S. Palafox Place, Suite 200
(850) 466-3080

Play takes the retro arcade games you grew up loving and puts them back in the bar where they belong. Whether you find yourself flying solo on the pinball or locked in an epic game of air hockey, you can’t help having a blast at Play.

2 S Palafox St
(850) 607-6758

Is your favorite band touring? Check the schedule because they might be at Vinyl, Pensacola’s hottest music venue. (You won’t find a more intimate live experience!) Check out 5 ½ next door for killer craft cocktails and muffled sounds from the bands rocking on the epic sound system.

Ruby Slipper
509 S Palafox St
(850) 792-4834

Forget about Cinderella’s glass slipper. Ruby Slipper is an award-winning restaurant that originated in New Orleans. Indulge in decadent favorites like the stuffed french toast or bacon praline pancakes. Then close your eyes, say “Bloody Mary” three times and one of their famous drinks will appear before you. (Not really, but ordering one the old-fashioned way still works.)