Truck on Over for Food on Wheels

food trucks pensacola fl

Food Trucks Pensacola FL

Tacos Mexicanos
Smart thinking putting a taco truck in front of the most popular bar in Gulf Breeze. Located at the foot of the Pensacola Bay Bridge, Tacos Mexicanos operates out of a food truck in the bar’s parking lot. So you can grab a drink and watch the sunset over the bay while crunching down on a taco. We’re not really sure there’s anything better.

Al Fresco
This fun spot in Downtown Pensacola is a courtyard collection of four Airstream food trailers that stay put so you don’t have to track them down. Current selections include Z Taco for Mexican, Banty Red’s Chicken and Waffles, Gunshot BBQ, Shux Oyster Bar and Fusion World for Asian fusion. Enjoy your meal under the umbrellas, or take it to go on a tour of Historic Downtown.

Mimi’s Bistro on the Go
From Pensacola to Paris … The French chef and owner of this food truck and tent who sets up shop at the Palafox Market serves up warm authentic sweet and savory crepes.

Busy Bee
Wings, burgers, BBQ and fish. You’ll find it all at the Busy Bee, a staple on the Downtown food truck scene. Find the Busy Bee in the parking lot of City Hall on Main Street Wednesday through Saturday.

Nomadic Eats
This is a nomad with a mission of bringing the world to Pensacola. Expect Latin and Asian inspired dishes, like chicken verde egg rolls and homemade lumpia, inspired by the collection of recipes owner Randy Russell brings home from his world travels … so you can enjoy them here, during yours. Find him in the City Hall lot, if you’re lucky.

Market in the Breeze
Tuesday nights in Gulf Breeze proper, the town between Pensacola Beach and mainland Pensacola, food trucks and vendors gather to sell fresh pizza, salsa, sausages, tacos and more. Stop in for a taste of the local life.

Get truckin’.