The Adult Version of a Milkshake

best bushwackers pensacola beach

Best Bushwackers Pensacola Beach

Bushwackers are kind of our thing in Pensacola. If you’re scratching your head already, a Bushwacker is basically a chocolate milkshake … with a big kick. It’s got rum, Kahlúa, Crème de Cacao and a few other ingredients that vary depending on where you grab one. Almost every bartender will ask you if you want an extra shot, which is widely accepted as a no-brainer among locals. (You’re on vacation, get the extra shot!) We know all of the hottest spots for Pensacola’s coolest drink.

731 Pensacola Beach Blvd
(850) 932-2211

Don’t get it twisted. The Shaker is the original home of the Bushwacker. This smoky Pensacola Beach dive is where locals of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate their love for the Bushwacker. Since 1975, locals have been going to The Shaker to get their creamy chocolate drink fix. The owner originally discovered the frozen drink in Sapphire Beach Village, St. Thomas. After bringing it back to the Shaker and tinkering with the recipe, Pensacola was all in. (They even broke a ton of blenders trying to keep up with the demand.) Some hardcore Gulf Coast natives will say there are no substitutes. The Shaker also has live music, tons of outdoor seating and a sweet sunset perch upstairs. If you’re going to try a Bushwacker, start with the classic.

Casino Beach Bar & Grille
41 Fort Pickens Rd
(850) 932-6313

Casino hasn’t been making them since the 1970s, but they’re definitely doing their part today. Casino Beach was originally home to The Casino Resort, Pensacola Beach’s first tourist destination that was accessible by car. Adored for its location and views of the Gulf, Casino Beach Bar (CBB) opened in 2014 with one mission: to keep the spirit of Casino Beach alive. And no business on this beach dares to leave the storied Bushwacker off the drink menu. The Bushwacker is already a decadent drink, but Casino takes it a step further and adds ice cream to the party. You’re basically just having dessert at this point, and that’s cool with us.

The Dock
4 Casino Beach Boardwalk
(850) 934-3625

Let’s say you’re at the beach, covered in sand and just want to grab a Bushwacker without any fuss. The Dock is the spot for you. Located directly on the beach, this grungy, gritty beach bar doesn’t hold back when it comes to drinks. The bar along the white sandy beach features a long row of frozen drink machines, all specifically concocted to enhance your beach vibes. At the end of the row? The Bushwacker. The Pensacola drink of choice here is one of the best on the island, so you’ll be grinning from ear to ear walking to your beach towel.

Flounder’s Chowder House
800 Quietwater Beach Rd
(850) 932-2003

We know you’re probably here for the Diesel Fuel, but don’t discount the Bushwacker scene at Flounder’s. This sound side sanctuary has beautiful views of the water, plenty of sandy lounge area, volleyball, live music and much more. (It’s not uncommon to see locals arrive by boat.) Flounder’s is also ground zero for brunch on Pensacola Beach. There’s just something about having a Bushwacker at brunch that makes sense to us.

Paradise Bar & Grill
21 Via De Luna Dr
(850) 916-5087

Even though they aren’t the original, tons of locals rave about the Bushwackers at Paradise. With a name like ‘Paradise,’ the atmosphere better be on point, right? This sound side beach bar is where locals come to slow down and relax. Dig your toes into the sand under the shade of a palm tree while listening to live music, or take a sunset swim just steps away from the bar. The Bushwackers here are a little bit smaller and less creamy, but they have tons of great flavors, including banana. Bushwackers and a sunset? Yes, please.