Next Stop: Burger Heaven

best burgers pensacola

Best Burgers Pensacola

If shoving a big, juicy burger in your mouth is your idea of a good time, we want to party with you. Not following our burger guide would be the biggest mistake of your life. (Maybe that drunk tattoo was still a bigger mistake, but whatever.)

Casino Beach Bar & Grille
41 Fort Pickens Rd
(850) 932-6313

This ain’t exactly Vegas, so hold off on the visions of flashing lights and old folks playing the slots. “The Casino” was the first tourist attraction accessible by car on Pensacola Beach. Even though it’s is long gone, locals still refer to the sugary sand near the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier as Casino Beach. Casino Beach Bar & Grille is keeping the spirit and atmosphere of the historic hangout alive and well. The entire restaurant is outdoors and directly on the beach. (You know how your mom told you to dust off your feet before coming in the house? Forget about that.) The Casino Beach Burger is one of the best on the beach. It’s an 8 oz steak burger with applewood-smoked bacon, muenster cheese, arugula, tomato and avocado mayo on a jalapeño-cheddar bun. This burger is the perfect blend of spicy and cool … just like you. 😉

2 Via De Luna Dr
(850) 934-3660

Do you usually find yourself screaming at the TV during the game? Does being surrounded by the soft glow of flat screens make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? If you answered yes, get over to Sidelines (and possibly seek help). To say there are a ton of TVs here would be an understatement. And anywhere they couldn’t fit a TV, they have some sweet sports memorabilia hanging on the walls. As the preferred sports bar on Pensacola Beach, Sidelines is no stranger to the burger game. Whether you want to keep things classic with the Bullpen Burger or swing for the fences with the spicy Rajun Cajun Burger, the burgers here are a home run. Was that too many sports metaphors?

Red Fish Blue Fish
5 Via De Luna Dr
(850) 677-8899

If you didn’t grow up reading Dr. Seuss, that’s not our problem. Cutesy name aside, Red Fish Blue Fish has the ‘best backyard on the beach’. Seriously, it has a huge lawn out back, complete with cornhole, giant checkers and a killer view of the Santa Rosa Sound. (The sound is that water you drove over on the bridge to the beach.) The Backyard Burger comes standard with double patties and all the fixins’ on a brioche roll. Mmm. Brioche. Also be sure to check out the refreshing drinks, including the Blue Fish Bucket, a miniature bucket filled just about everything in the bar. That’ll put a smile on your face. (You might need a second burger.)

14 Via De Luna Dr
(850) 932-5331

A riptide is an extremely dangerous current that can pull unsuspecting beachgoers out to sea. They’re pretty scary, and if you get caught up in one, it’s best to just … relax. And that’s just what goes down at Riptides in the Holiday Inn Resort. This vibrant, sunny sports bar overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the hotel’s Lazy River pool. Each booth has its own TV, so there’s no shoulder checking or seat saving required to watch the game. Oh, and they’ve got some of the best buns on the beach. Jonathan’s Early Dawn Patrol features grilled black angus beef, bacon, shredded three cheese blend, fried egg, sautéed mushrooms and salsa verde on a sweet roll. It’s what we imagine Patrick Swayze would eat in Point Break after a morning surf sesh.

Tin Cow
102 S Palafox St
(850) 466-2103

Let’s go back to burger basics. Ground beef comes from cows, right? So it would just make sense to chow down on the hot handhelds in a place named after the noble beasts, right? Tin Cow is downtown on Palafox Street in the center of the action. This monument to epic burgers is serving up some monstrous creations. Test your resolve against the Spam Monster, a half pound of Angus, Spam, a fried egg and bacon mayo crushed between two applewood bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) As if the Spam Monster wasn’t enough, the spiked milkshakes are the perfect addition to your bad decisions. And since you’re downtown, pucker up for the Palafox Bushwacker, a creamy and decadent take on the Pensacola Beach classic. RIP to your diet.

McGuire’s Irish Pub  
600 E Gregory St
(850) 433-6789

You know when they said money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, McGuire’s is made of wood, and there’s $1 million dollars hanging from the walls and ceiling — close enough. It’s a time-honored tradition to write your name on a dollar bill and staple it to the restaurant. (No, it’s doesn’t count toward your bill.) This Irish pub has been a Pensacola icon since 1977. The dimly lit interior with a soft red glow keeps the mood fixed all day and night. While there are plenty of Irish delicacies on the menu, the burgers here are the showstoppers. Every burger is ground up steak made in-house by McGuire’s butchers. You can build your own, or you can try the famous “Big Daddy Burger” with bacon, cheddar and jalapeño. Wash it all down with an Irish Wake, which is basically a green double long island in a “dirty old mason jar.” You will get a good view of the floor after a few of these bad boys. Because you’ll be face down on it.