Feed Your Head

bagelheads pensacola fl

Bagelheads Pensacola FL

When you’re heading downtown, you don’t want to do it on an empty stomach. Luckily for you, Bagelheads is right on E Gregory.

Bagelheads started in Pensacola in 1998. Since opening, the locals can’t seem to get enough. Brenna, the Assistant General Manager at Bagelheads, says that the proof is in the lines.

“We have people waiting in line for up to 30 minutes on the weekend for a bagel,” she says. “People just love it here.”

And you definitely don’t create a loyal following without a good reason. Bagelheads is using all 100% red hard spring wheat flour and making their bagels completely from scratch.

The menu at Bagelheads it’s filled with savory and sweet bagels with plenty of ‘toppings & betweens.’ You can start your day off with a classic plain bagel and cream cheese or indulge your sweet tooth with a Snickerdoodle, which is Bagelheads’ plain bagel dusted with cinnamon and sugar — yeah, it’s good.

With so many bagels, you’re probably wondering what happens to the leftovers. Brenna has some good news.

“All of our leftover bagels go to Manna Food Bank,” she says. “That’s just one way that we try to donate and give back to the community.”

Building a relationship with the community in Pensacola is one of the more exciting parts of the job for Brenna.

“The best thing about being here is getting to interact with the customers,” she says. “You start to recognize certain people that come in like clockwork.”

Bagelheads hasn’t forgotten about the java. The coffee is all roasted in-house with 100% Arabica beans. If coffee isn’t your bag, there are plenty of fresh fruit smoothies and Italian sodas to choose from.

As they say at Bagelheads … feed your head!

Bagelheads is located at 916 E Gregory St, Pensacola, FL. For more information, visit the Bagelheads website or call (850) 444-9661.