Surf & Sand Hotel – The Most Fun You Can Have On Pensacola Beach


You’re fun, right? (Right.)

And you’re probably super busy and never take time for yourself. (Right?)

And right now you’re looking for a hotel on Pensacola Beach that doesn’t cost as much as your house, where you can chill out and have fun without all the fuss.

We’re so glad you found us. It’s like that moment at the end of a sappy movie where they finally get together.


Our 100-room Pensacola Beach hotel offers …

  • free breakfast that doesn’t taste like cardboard
  • Surf & Sand Bar open 11am- 6pm daily
  • free paddleboards, kayaks and beach cruisers if you’re outdoorsy like that
  • free floats that look like donuts and pizza and swans (#instaworthy)
  • free games, you know, in case the beach bores you
  • free activities, like pool parties + backyard cookouts
  • free ice for your cooler because nothing’s better than a hot tan and a cold drink
  • free fast wi-fi … because you’d die without it

We’re located in the middle of everything fun there is to do on the island. You can walk to every cool bar and restaurant … and you can float in our pool, the Little Sabine Bay in our backyard, or the Gulf of Mexico RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET.

You got lucky, babe. The Surf & Sand Hotel has everything you need to make this the funnest vacation ever.

See you soon, K?